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Membership Registration

Quick Reference Guide

  1. Visit the NAHSE Membership Portal

  2. Click "New Visitor Registration"

  3. Enter primary e-mail address

  4. Click "Go" button

  5. Enter the Visitor Registration Form required information

  6. Click “Create Account

  7. When asked for social media information click “Cancel

  8. Click “Online Store” on the left side panel

  9. Scroll down and select the appropriate type of membership dues

  10. Scroll down to "Affiliated Memberships"

  11. Click the small "+" sign button to reveal affiliated chapters

  12. Click Member Type to alphabetically organize the chapters

  13. Click the number 4 and select Northeast Ohio Chapter

  14. Click "Add to Cart"

  15. Click "Check Out"

  16. Enter payment information

  17. Click “Purchase Now

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